5 Disruptive On-Demand Home Service Startups to Watch Out For


5 Top On Demand Home Service Startups

Quick help is a boon no doubt but before one had apps getting quick help was somewhat an impossible task in itself. One had to cover a lot of distance in order to find the help they are in search of and sometimes the worst would happen. Sometimes when a customer would go in pursuit of help, they wouldn’t be able to find someone reliable and issues related to safety would storm. 

Thus to make it easy for the customers to first get quick help and second get connected to home service providers nearby, the online on-demand home service apps entered into the picture. 

The apps also helped the industry reach the billion dollar mark and thereafter successfully build the home service industry as a brand. 

Handyman App like Uber

Here’s looking at the same below. 

Statistics Suggesting Profitable Scope of On-Demand Home Service App

The on-demand home service sector has reached the billion dollar mark and made revenues close to 600 billion dollars approximately. As per reports the app will support the industry gain a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) close to 49 percent by the year 2021 approximately. 

This in turn suggests that the app holds an extremely profitable as well as promising scope to say the least. 

In fact, the industry has become so popular that there are many new startups that cater to the home service industry altogether. 

Here’s the list of the nine top startups that have successfully made a name in the field of home service providing and made life conveniently easy for people. 

5 Disruptive On-Demand Home Service Startups


Handy, an on-demand home service marketplace based in New York, helps customers receive services like cleaning, installation, etc. to name a few.  The startup came into creation in 2012 and since then has helped customers receive smooth as well as fast and efficient help just through a few taps on smartphone and iPhone device. 


Another popular startup for on-demand home services, Thumbtack came into creation in the year 2008 and since then has provided services such as wellness service, home cleaning service, a DJ service and so on and so forth to people living mostly in the USA. The services are available for customers on smartphone and iPhone respectively. 


To help organizations outsource daily tasks that include furniture assembly, data entry etc Airtasker came into creation. Based in Australia, this startup is also a leader in the field of on demand home services

Your Mechanic

Founded in 2012 in California, United States, YourMechanic assists customers receive fast and efficient car repair and maintenance services. The services are available on iOS and Android devices respectively.


Based in Utah, United States, TaskEasy helps people living there get their lawn mowed and cleaned altogether. The services of the same can be availed of from the customer’s smartphone and iPhone device respectively. 

So, next time you are in search of an app that will assist you get your house cleaned or your lawn mowed, you can select from any of these apps and be assured of quick services from reliable service provider at most affordable price.


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